Royal Plate.

Smart plates.

Royal Plate is an Italian brand specialising in the production and distribution of elegant and simple coffin plates.

The plates can be composed and customised thanks to a software that facilitates the composition of the graphics. Thanks to a commonly used laser printer, it is possible to print on the PVC sheets provided.   

The printed PVC sheet is then placed on the plate and stuck with a plexiglas slide.

Royal Plate uses a dedicated software for printing its plates.

Thanks to an easy – to – use wizard, anyone with no experience in graphic design can compose and print the contents of the plate.

You don’t need to be a computer expert or a typographer, with the intuitive Royal Plate software;

all you have to do is enter the details of the deceased, the desired photo, choose a decoration or an aphorism, and you’re off.

The graphics for the plate are generated automatically; it also allows you to make the necessary manual changes later on if there are errors: changing the font, enlarging and reducing the photo, changing the font colour or changing the position of the images.

A few seconds and simple steps and you are ready to print.

Only a commonly used laser printer is needed for printing.

The procedure for making the plaque is very simple; all you need is a computer, a laser printer and the Royal Plate kit, complete with a substrate (plate) with the double – sided adhesive tape, PVC sheet and plexiglas slide, in order to get your elegant personalised plates ready to be applied in 3 minutes.

No specific skills are required; the software is designed to be accessible to everyone, with immediate quality results, an indispensable tool in the daily work of the undertaker.

The plates, patented made in Italy, are made of plastic, which is also biodegradable on request (ideal for cremations).

The plates have double – sided adhesive tape for very easy application to the coffin.

They are available in oval format, with a choice of three colours (gold, silver and copper), and they are already supplied with the brand of the company concerned, with a minimum quantity that amortizes the costs of the cliché.

The software provides a large number of decors, images and phrases to choose from to satisfy the most diverse customer’s requests.