Royal Plate…
Simple innovations

The quality of the products and attention to detail are our priorities.

Royal Plate enables you to produce elegant and robust plates for coffin using tools already in use in the agency such as a laser printer.

Dedicated software allows you to compose and then print with a common printer; you don’t need to buy expensive and sophisticated engravers.

Thanks to our software, we are not only limited to writing the name of the deceased or an aphorism, but we can put the photo of the dear departed and add colourful decorations that give importance to both the agency and the costumer family… It is the details which make the difference.

Using our dedicated software, we can produce an elegant, beautiful and above all unique plaque in just a few minutes.

Royal Plate smart plates for coffin help to improve the work of your agency, by offering an elegant and state – of – the – art product.

for coffins



Dedicated software for printing plates

Royal Plate uses a dedicated software for printing its plates.

An easy – to – use wizard simplifies the preparation process when composing and printing the plate.

You don’t need to be a computer expert or a typographer, with the intuitive Royal Plate software;

all you have to do is enter the details of the deceased, the desired photo, choose a decoration or an aphorism, and you’re off.

The graphics for the plate are generated automatically; it also allows you to make the necessary manual changes later on if there are errors: changing the font, enlarging and reducing the photo, changing the font colour or changing the position of the images.

A few seconds and simple steps and you are ready to print.

Only a laser printer is needed  for printing.