Royal Plate plaques

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Royal Plate plaques are composed of a kit that includes a plastic substrate with double – sided adhesive tape, a printable PVC sheet and a plexiglas slide.

The quality components of the products, attention to detail and the simplicity of the composition enhance the elegance of the plate, giving the undertaker a style that sets him apart from other agencies and makes his costumer feel cuddled and important.

The plates are made of coloured plastic.

They measure 15.0 cm x 10.5 cm x 0.7 cm thick. They are oval in shape with a groove on the surface where the PVC print and the plexiglas slide are placed.

Available colours are Gold – Silver – Copper.

Institutional customisation at the request of the undertaker is carried out by means of a cliché that allows us to brand the substrate of the plate (executed by Royal Plate); the customisation of the plate, on the other hand, is quick and easy thanks to the software provided and a commonly used laser printer (executed by the undertaker).

The PVC sheet can be printed with a colour laser printer or in black and white depending on the printer you have.

Thanks to the choice of materials, attention to detail and the simplicity of use and application, the undertaker will be able to be professionally distinguished from others by demonstrating that he cares about the service provided to the customer at the cost of a breakfast.

The customer will feel respected with the detail that makes the difference and treated with consideration through a small gesture. 

Intelligent solution

Our 20 years’ experience in the funeral industry has enabled us to study and produce a smart, elegant product that is easy to make and customise.

The problem for many undertakers, but fortunately not all of them, is the lack of attention to detail that makes the difference.

This problem, which on one occasion involved us personally, was the starting point for thinking about how to close an image gap that absolutely had to be resolved.

Not only did we have to give an alternative to the agencies, but they have a moral duty to cuddle the end customer even with details such as a simple plate.

Making a beautiful, elegant and personalised plaque has become very easy thanks to the Royal Plate method and it shortens considerably the production time compared to traditional pantograph – engraved aluminium plates.

Royal Plate plaques are composed of a kit that includes a plastic support with double – sided adhesive tape, a printable PVC sheet and a plexiglas slide.

Royal Plate contains the right and necessary components for an intelligent, beautiful and elegant plaque that is quick to produce and apply to the coffin.

Our plates

Mod-SDN con Swarovsky
Mod-SDN con Swarovsky

The plates are available in the following colors:





Finishes can be GLOSSY or MATT. At the user’s request,

it is possible to produce the plate with customised colours and finishes.